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About us

About us

Innovative Technology Addressing Agricultural Issues

Our description

ALTA promotes sustainable development through robotic techniques. ALTA’s AI technology enables farmers to quickly identify problem areas with their land so they can address the issues, identify the best crops for the soil composition, and increase harvest yields. ALTA’s technology can be added to existing robotics products through electronic modules.

Our Services

ALTA offers a suite of services to farmers and agricultural producers. ALTA has developed AI Technology that allows drones to accurately map large plots of farmland. Once the drone with the AI Technology has completed the mapping, ALTA provides NDVI maps via the Cloud allowing users to access the data on their smart phones. Additionally, ALTA offers consulting services to assist farmers in reading the maps and identifying areas needing attention as well as provide advice for the type of crops that will be the most productive based on the findings of the mapping process.

Our Mission and Goals

ALTA’s mission is to make a commitment to change by taking initiative and tackling the degradation of the planet by providing a solution that enables agricultural producers and farmers to sustainably work their land while also increasing production. ALTA strives to perform to the highest of standards when working with customers and on our projects and ensure the ALTA team is passionate about customer service and sustainable initiatives.

Research and development

ALTA is focused on continuously undertaking robust research and development in order to provide its customers with the best-suited solutions to address their needs. Developing and upgrading the AI technology for the Ag-Drone on a continuous basis ensures ALTA’s customers are always using the most up-to-date and advanced technology and, therefore, are provided with the most informative data available.

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Our team

Ange Brika have a Master of Sciences in Artifical Intelligence from Polytechnics of Montreal.
He is a CEO and founder of Alta Robotics and a member of the National Council of Standards for Artificial Intelligence in Canada.
He has contributed to many projects in Robotics, including the design of a detector mining robot controlled by Wi - Fi,
and a drone of ground target detection in Montréal.

Ange Brika
CEO Alta Robotics

Our products

Ag-Drone Artificial Intelligence System

Mapping and service study of the Ag-Drone AI technology available online

An agricultural revolution is occurring through an increase in technological precision. To meet the needs of the consumer, ALTA provisions drone services focused on agricultural precision for the aerial mapping of arable surfaces and expert advice on fertilization and the rate of nitrogen that is best suited for the arable land.
The Ag-Drone offers a number of benefits, including: reducing production costs; saving time when analyzing farmland; streamlining the fertilization and maintenance resources to increase harvest yields.
A technical team consisting of drone pilots and electrical engineers are available to assist in the installation of the AI technology on your drone and with the data collection and uploading data during the first drone flight. The results of the analysis will then be delivered within 48 hours amount of time.

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