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ALTA Robotics is intended to promote green energy through robotic techniques. She turns to the research and development in the field of mobile Robotics in order to achieve innovation at the top of the industries and people by offering products tailored to the needs of the economic sectors. Constant research and development, we assume existing robotic products to which we add electronic modules that provide them with a new added value.

Our activities

in practice offers two activities namely the design and marketing of products of mobile robotics. Indeed, the first activity is the provision of service of drone of accuracy for agriculture and farms of large surfaces. The second is the design and production of products robotic manufacturing companies by offering mobile bicycles to electric power and drones of professional shooting. We assure a complete satisfaction of your needs on our products.

Our cultur

ALTA Robotics is based on its own culture to it which allows it to define its work and operating procedures: take care respectively of our customers, our team, our projects and our planet; stay connected to customers and employees (opening and respect); cultivate responsibility and passion the challenges; make a commitment to change by taking the initiative. Aware of the degradation of the planet due to the polluting industrial production a technology solution more clean and green remains a priority to preserve our ecosystem remediation.

Research and development

ALTA Robotics is a firm focused on research and development in order to provide its customers the products best suited to their needs and the best-performing autonomies in order to improve the benefit of its partners. In this framework, the logistical bicycle to electric energy for the transport of more than 50 kilograms, the geolocation of Interior and the drone of data analysis agricultural renewable energy are priorities for our next years.

We look forward to sharing with you, our green vision of the industry, to continue to assist in innovation and respond better to your requirements

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Our team

Passionate about technology and computer, Ange BRIKA is a graduate of a Bachelor's degree in science and technology. He has contributed to many projects in Robotics, including the design of a detector mining robot controlled by Wi - Fi, and a drone of ground target detection in Montreal. He now devoted himself to the direction of Alta Robotics.

Ange Brika
CEO à Alta Robotics /

Management, rigour and strategy are the words which would describe the professional personality of Laetitia Konan. Currently, Portfolio Manager, she is a graduate of a master's degree in finance from HEC Montreal Canada market. She is responsible for overseeing finance and administration of Alta Robotics which she is also the co-founder.

Laetitia Konan
CFO à Alta Robotics /

Tsiorimanana Razafindrakoto is full of innovative ideas for the electrical and electronic design. He is currently training in electrical engineering at the ETS Montreal Canada and participated in robotic projects during his membership to the student club of Robotics in Angers in France, and the cargo club in Montreal to the Canada. He is also co-founder of Alta Robotics through which he oversees technology and electronic.

Tsiorimanana Razafindrakoto
CTO à Alta Robotics /

Franck Adia stands by its competence in creativity and critical thinking as sharp decision-making in areas of high level mechanics. After several mechanical courses of high level in France and China, he attended the design project of electric door remotely controlled the Morocco and several related activities in China. He oversees the mechanics and logistics of the project area and directs the conduct of activities to the international.

Franck Adia
Chief of logistics and international affairs at Alta Robotics

A multidisciplinary structure

Alta Robotics offers for specialized industrial companies and individuals Robotics products and services.

The products can be grouped into two broad categories tailored to your specific needs: the custom transport and analysis of data for precision farming. While combining Robotics, energy renewable, computer science, mechanics and electronics

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Innovation & engineering


Green energy (solar and electric)


Electronics and Artificial Intelligence


Trade and national and international logistics


Our products

Scooter electric

Already available

Alta Robotics Designs In the framework of the project Alta one , a electric scooter adapted to multiple industrial, logistic or maintenance applications, designed for the transport of people both inside and outside and to optimise the movements on a medium distance.

Equipped with a on-board screen and a solar panel, it allows the user to stay connected to his computer system while increasing his autonomy.

On the menu: electric driving-automatic charging with solar and electric power-flexibility, power, speed and safety

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Drone of data analysis

Shooting and service of agricultural by drones study already available

Agriculture is now on the move to produce a great revolution that of precision. Imminent technological measures are necessary. To meet the needs of the consumer. In this framework that ' Alta Robotics proposes of drone services of agricultural precision for aerial mapping of arable surfaces, the proposal of expert advice on fertilization and the rate of nitrogen to be brought to arable land.

This method allows:-reducing production costs-saving safe time on farms-streamlining the fertilization and maintenance resources of arable land in order to prevent a shortage.

A technical team consisting of drone pilots and electrical engineers moves on your premises for mission and shooting. The result of your analysis is delivered in just one week by email.

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