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Alta-Drone, what is it ?

Fixed wing drone

Alta Robotics's fixed-wing drone allows you to navigate peacefully on flat surfaces with flexibility. Its technical features allow you to make medium altitude shots at a user-friendly speed. It is intended primarily for field analysis, from soils to aerial mapping and possibly to monitoring of territory or site.

Electric and solar energy

Alta Robotics stands out by its vision of a renewable energy robotics associated with artificial intelligence. In this framework, ALTA-Drone offers a hybrid recharge system to the sector but also to solar energy thanks to its removable solar panel on its drones and its load module on the ground base.

Service Alta-Drone

Alta-Drone offers a mapping service for all images taken by the user. These maps can be useful in the context of precision agriculture (map NDVI-nir-relief) and soil study. Alta screen allows to uplink the "cloud" data for analysis and prediction by artificial intelligence.
With Alta-drone, your drone imaging services are complete, accurate and efficient.

The purchase of the drone allows you to benefit from the imaging service for two years.

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Some examples-partner drone deploy

Image analysis taken by drone as part of an agricultural surface study analysis NDVI-NIR

Agricultural mapping Application

The image analysis taken by drone as part of a building site monitoring

Site monitoring Application