Electric, solar and connected scooter...


Alta-One, what is it?

Scooter and Fun driving

Alta-One is an electric scooter with side wheels. It allows the movement on short and medium distances. Very agile and flexible, it can be used both inside and outside in narrow storage corridors or on passable roads. Sturdy and modern it proccure a safe and pleasant driving comfort.

Electric and solar energy

Alta Robotics stands out by its vision of a renewable energy robotics associated with artificial intelligence. In this context, ALTA-One offers a hybrid recharge system to the sector but also to solar energy thanks to its 15 watt removable solar panel and its integrated charging system.

Connection screen

Alta-Tactile is a connection screen that assigns intelligence to the scooter. Thanks to its user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, it allows users to install software suite specific to their business lines to improve their productivity.

With Alta-tactile you are connected and productive.

Technical details

Alta-One .

Have interesting technical characteristics for specialized industrial companies and for individuals. A gyro system allows the device to autoquilibrer the ground. The direction and acceleration are ensured by the movement of the vertical handlebars. The solar panels and touch screens are removable and can be mounted with ease.
In presale on order for 2750 USD

Technical features

Dimension (mm) H 620 - W 760 - H 1370
Weight (kg) 31
Supportable load (kg) 150
Autonomy (km) 25
Max speed (km/h) 30
Solar panels (watt) 2 * 15
Alta-Tactile 16 GB memory, dual core processor, Ubuntu Mate OS, GPS, WiFi, media Player, 8 hours of autonomy

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