Precise and Smart Agriculture

Revolutionary AI in the service of precision agriculture.


Innovative technologies for agriculture


Alta Robotics offers software solutions based on artificial intelligence for the benefit of precision agriculture. Alta's AI technology allows farmers to quickly identify problem areas with their land so they can apply the software's recommendations, identify the best crops for soil composition, and increase crop yields. Our products are destined for agricultural research centres or agricultural cooperatives.


Alta's mission is to commit to change by taking initiatives and tackling global degradation by providing a solution that allows farmers and farmers to work sustainably on their land while increasing production. Alta strives to meet the standards when working with customers and on our projects and ensures that the Alta team is passionate about customer service and sustainable initiatives.

Research and Development

Alta focuses on robust research and development to provide its customers with the most tailored solutions to meet their needs. The development and upgrading of AI technology for the Ag-Drone on an ongoing basis ensures Alta customers are always using the most up-to-date and advanced technology and, therefore, are provided with the most informative data available.


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Our products

Alta Ag-Drone Software

Artificial intelligence mapping and agricultural recommendation platform

To meet consumer needs, Alta Ag-Drone services focus on agricultural precision for aerial mapping of arable land and expert advice on fertilization and nitrogen levels that are best suited to arable land.
They offer benefits such as lower production costs; Saving time in agricultural land analysis streamlining fertilization and maintenance resources to increase crop yields.

Tevatronics Intelligent Irrigation System

Tevatronics Smart Irrigation System

The technology solution combining connected sensors and mobile application makes irrigation of crops completely autonomous with support for decision-making.
Our system is quite capable of deciding when and how much to irrigate, and it executes the irrigation decision without human intervention. With our intelligent, self-contained irrigation system, we reduce irrigation schedules, irrigation amounts and monitor soil voltage and components from our mobile applications.

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Our team

Valentin Angarita has extensive experience in international negotiation and digital marketing. He headed an agricultural development department in Latin America. its qualities are complemented by analyzing business opportunities through a network in the agricultural industry.

Valentin Angarita
Marketing Manager - Alta Robotics

For all requests or orders in Israel, please contact our sales manager in Israel.

Helena Paavilainen
Sales Manager Israel - Alta Robotics

For all requests or orders in France, please contact our sales manager in France.

Shamyr Ali
Sales Manager France - Alta Robotics

For any technology or R&D projects, please contact our technology manager.

Ange Brika
Technology Manager - Alta Robotics

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