Precise and Smart Agriculture

Reduce the operation cost,
Improve the quality and quantity of your crops


Innovative technologies for agriculture


Alta Robotics offers software solutions based on artificial intelligence for the benefit of precision agriculture. The Alta AgDrone software suite allows farmers to quickly identify problem areas with their land so they can apply the software's recommendations, identify the best crops for soil composition, and increase crop yields. Our products are intended for agricultural research centers or agricultural cooperatives.


Our mission is to engage by taking initiatives and tackling the degradation of the planet by providing a solution that allows agricultural producers and farmers to work sustainably on their land while increasing production.
We rely primarily on artificial intelligence and big data technologies to provide the best analysis and recommendations to farmers.

Research and Development

Alta focuses on robust research and development to provide its customers with the most tailored solutions to meet their needs. The development and upgrading of AI technology for the Ag-Drone on an ongoing basis ensures Alta customers are always using the most up-to-date and advanced technology and, therefore, are provided with the most informative data available.


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Our products

Software Alta Ag-Drone

Platform for agricultural mapping and recommendation using artificial intelligence

To meet consumer needs, Alta Ag-Drone services focus on agricultural precision for aerial mapping of arable land and expert advice on fertilization and the most suitable nitrogen rate for arable land.
They offer benefits such as reducing production costs; saving time when analyzing agricultural land; streamlining fertilization and maintenance resources to increase crop yields.
In addition to these services, Big Data Analytics is a process that consists of collecting, examining, managing, processing and exploiting massive sets of data from different and existing sources in various formats specifically for farm, research and agricultural cooperative projects.

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Our team

Stuart Browne is a member of the Investment Committee of a fund specialized in entrepreneurs.
He has been a member of the jurie of numerous high-level financing competitions, given seminars and investor presentations across Canada, China, Mongolia, Mexico, Austria and Slovenia.

Stuart Browne
General Manager and officer

For all requests for research and development work please contact our manager in business strategy. Helena Paavilainen has extensive experience in basic scientific research and has conducted numerous works in the agricultural and medical fields.

Helena Paavilainen
Strategic and Operation Manager

For any technology projects or queries about the company in general, please contact our Chief Technology Officer. Ange Brika, a graduate in computer engineering, has worked with international agencies on precision agriculture projects.

Ange-Boris Brika
Technology Manager