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Intelligent crop analysis and irrigation products

Alta Ag-Drone Software

We offer a suite of services to farmers and farmers. ALTA has developed AN technology that allows precision-interpreted aerial drone mappings on large tracts of farmland. The interpretations provided by our software are made up of practical advice and recommendations to apply directly to farms without an agronomy expert while saving their operating costs (fertilization and irrigation).

Tevatronics Smart Irrigation System

Our technological solutions are transforming your fully autonomous irrigation and fertilization methods. Our system is quite capable of deciding when and how much to irrigate, and it executes the irrigation decision without human intervention. Thanks to our intelligent and self-contained irrigation system, we reduce irrigation schedules, irrigation amounts and monitor soil voltage and components from our mobile applications.

Ag-Drone : Precise indexes and agronomic recommendations

NDVI image data

The conversion of images into regular colors in the NDVI format is imperative for better analysis of the culture; it allows, among other things, to detect anomalies that would escape the human eye. NDVI (the standardized difference vegetation index): a simple graphic indicator that can be used to analyze remote sensing measurements, often from a drone, assessing whether or not the observed target contains living green vegetation, standing water (seas, lakes or rivers) and soils.

AI Agricultural Analysis and Recommendations

Culture health analysis is a way to get an overview of the general state of the crop. The photosynthetic activity report helps farmers make a decision very quickly in the field and avoid some surprises due to many factors such as climate, pest infections and crop diseases. The artificial intelligence included in the software is able to provide a relatively irrigation and fertilization plan chemical components needed for the soil.

Tevatronics: Intelligent, economical and assisted Irrigation

Wireless farm sensor kit

The wireless sensor kit includes blood pressure monitors, air and humidity temperature sensors, and drip-line pressure sensors. The installations are very simple to deploy set with solar panels the energy consumption is very economical. The kit is very useful for farmers in supporting their irrigation decisions. Wireless sensors can inform and provide critical information that could be used to adjust irrigation to the actual water needs of plants.

Irrigation decision-making support

The decision support system can be accessed by the farmer from a web interface or smartphone app. Each user can enter the system with secure access, to get an overview of the facilities and the details of the irrigation reports. In addition, based on real-time data and field notifications, farmers can adapt their irrigation quantities and schedules to crop needs.

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