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Alta Ag-Drone Software

We offer a suite of services to farmers and agricultural producers. Smart agriculture could help farmers better understand important factors such as water, topography, appearance, vegetation and soil types. This allows farmers to determine the best uses of scarce resources in their production environment and manage them in an environmentally and economically sustainable way. The interpretations provided by our software are made up of practical advice and recommendations to be applied directly on farms without an expert in agronomy while saving their operating cost.

Drone, Camera and sensors

Drones or mini unmanned flying machines provide most of the data collected by software and data processing. For precision agriculture and phytoprotection several tools are within the reach of farmers and the use of drones and the development of algorithms are now assets. The use of specific sensors and high-precision cameras as well as drones for the spreading of phytosanitary products is practical and reduces the risk of drift of these products. These tools also reduce pesticide use by 90 to 95% without forgetting the reduction in soil compaction.

Agdrone Decision Support System

Technical features : Drones

Geo NDVI caméra
GPS module
Tiltable camera mounting adapter
Camera integration module
Free and unlimited access to the image processing software
Battery 20 to 30 min
Sensor rgb 20 millions de pixels
Memory card microSD / microSDHC / microSDXC

Technical features : Agrocam

Photo High precision NIR/NDVI
12 Megapixels
4000 x 3000 Maximum resolution
0.5 - 60s Time-lapse mode

Image Processor - Novatek NTK96663 high-performance processor
Image Sensor - 12 MP Sony " Exmor R " CMOS Sensor
Lens 70ᵒ Ultra low distortion glass lens / F2.8 Aperture
G Sensor High performance g-sensor
Display : 2" LCD touchscreen - Weight 78 g
Size & Weight : Dimensions 59 mm x 41.5 mm x 36 mm (Length*Width*Height)

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Tevatronics: Intelligent, economical and assisted Irrigation

Wireless farm sensor kit

The wireless sensor kit includes blood pressure monitors, air and humidity temperature sensors, and drip-line pressure sensors. The installations are very simple to deploy set with solar panels the energy consumption is very economical. The kit is very useful for farmers in supporting their irrigation decisions. Wireless sensors can inform and provide critical information that could be used to adjust irrigation to the actual water needs of plants.

Irrigation decision-making support

The decision support system can be accessed by the farmer from a web interface or smartphone app. Each user can enter the system with secure access, to get an overview of the facilities and the details of the irrigation reports. In addition, based on real-time data and field notifications, farmers can adapt their irrigation quantities and schedules to crop needs.

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