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Package 1: Agricultural Analysis and Recommendation

Interpretation of drone imagery + Ndvi Mapping and GPS Orientation + Irrigation Plan + Fertilization Recommendations

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1350 USD


Package 2 : Ag-Drone Software + autonomous irrigation sensors

Drone imagery interpretation Ndvi Mapping + GPS orientation + Irrigation plan + Fertilisation recommandations + Wireless Tensiometer + Wireless Air Temperature & Humidity sensor + Wireless Soil Temperature sensor

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3450 USD


Package 3 : Ag-Drone Software + autonomous irrigation and decision support system

Drone imagery interpretation Ndvi Mapping + GPS orientation + Irrigation plan + Fertilization recommendations + Wireless Sensors Smart irrigation Kit + Remote Valve Controller + Cloud Server + Website and Smartphone User Interface

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4750 USD


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Farmer services

We understand the challenges facing farmers. Often, in rural areas, they are confronted with the vagaries of the climate, the organization of the production chain and the management of the multidisciplinary agricultural, technomic and financial campaign. (time, knowledge and finances) are sometimes limited to meet market needs and remain competitive. That's why we try to offer precise technology products that are easy to use and, above all, effective for the profitability of culture and resource management. our services with direct farmers are defined beyond the commercial aspect as a partnership focused on customer satisfaction and data storage to long-term support..

Co-op services

The agricultural cooperative is grouped within it by a large group of farmers grouped by production sector by region or by common business interests. Highlighting the well-being of the community at the expense of the entity, we strive to work with cooperatives to achieve their goals. Means combining price flexibility for members, monitoring campaigns for target agricultural sectors such as viticulture, vegetable or cereal crops. Each member will benefit from a high-performance software platform and quality equipment. Community satisfaction, collaboration and team spirit will be at the heart of our motivations. We will be sure to share our understanding of the issue / perspectives and our common strategy.

For personalized services or accompaniments, for farmers or for cooperatives

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